Prehistoric Advice for Modern Life

Are you UNHAPPY? Feeling TIRED? Lacking in LOVE?

You’ve come to the right place!

SAHOMA!! I am NeanderBob, and welcome to my Guide on Paleotherapy!

Paleotherapy improves modern life through the power and science of our ancient past, and through my exercises you will learn how to:

Boost your Energy!

Gain Wisdom!

Eliminate Stress!

and so much more!

Exercising has never been more fun! Or more dangerous!

Thanks to my ancient DNA structure and ability to channel leading Neanderthals, I am able to pass along over 350,000 years worth of time-tested wisdom to you!

My exercises show you how to easily activate your inner Neanderthal and solve ALL your present-day problems--from Romance to Health.

It's practical prehistoric advice for your complex modern life!

Please don't be fooled by 'self improvement' methods that tell you to 'live in the moment' and believe in 'The Power of Now'.


You can only move forward by living in the past. The prehistoric past!!

The next step in your personal evolution is backwards
and no one can take you there faster than me!


Paleotherapy works by drawing together strands from anthropology, psychology,
ancient Neanderthal Teachings, and 1980's style exercise videos.

It's so intense that at some point you may lose track of what I'm saying to you.

Don't worry. This is perfectly normal!

Paleotherapy is so powerful it works even when you don't know what it is or why you’re doing it!

The important thing to remember is:

Paleotherapy will permanently change your life in very profound and irreversible ways.


Ok Let’s get started. Click here to begin!

Sheento Beesh!