Rediscovering yourself on your bedroom floor

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September 10, 2015
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December 23, 2015
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Rediscovering yourself on your bedroom floor

Not long ago, before I was fortunate enough to be living in a forest, I channeled this exercise from my Neanderthal spirit that allowed me to travel back to the beginning of time and start life anew.

I will now guide you through it.

All that is required is a bedroom with a floor.

Rediscovering yourself on your bedroom floor:

Lie on your belly quietly. Imagine you’ve just crawled from the ocean. This is your first time on land. You are seeing everything for the first time. Your senses are a thousand times more powerful then ever before. They’re fresh and alive and jumping with information. You can breath wisdom through your skin. Inhale knowledge into your lungs. You still have a tail and you wiggle it slowly back and forth.

Under your bed you notice a man’s sock. It isn’t yours.

Curved pointed appendages spring from your fingers.
You now have a claw.
You swipe at the sock and send it flying.
This is good.
You are regressing to your original primitive self.

Everything within your body is alive. Your ears can hear the faint sound of branches swaying in a forest miles away. They are calling you home…to climb. You smell the intoxicating scent of pure growth.

Your eyes are so powerful they can detect iridescent shades so vibrant they tickle your brain. You’re becoming smarter and stronger by the second.
Your purpose becomes crystal clear. It cuts through you like a brilliant flash.
A solar flare.

Your cranial hemispheres haven’t yet split and gone their separate ways.
You are neither left brained nor right. You are complete and whole.
You’ve never been more entirely you.
You know why you’re here, what you need-want-desire.

You have no doubt, for it doesn’t exist.

You spot another sock on the floor and wonder if they’re Brad’s.
Donna always had a thing for Brad.
Is Brad walking around sockless now?
You quickly unhinge your retractable jaw, snare the sock with your sharp pointy teeth, and swallow it whole.

You cough. It gets stuck in your windpipe. You pass out cold.

Donna comes in and you are brought to a hospital.

This is all normal and natural.

You have finally returned to your original self.

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