How To Find Your Brow.

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December 10, 2015
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December 23, 2015
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How To Find Your Brow.

brow diagram smallNeanderthals derived a great deal of power and pleasure from their remarkable brows. They acted as sensitive attenaes tuned into the universe around them, and much like the humps of a camel, were able to store important things like dreams, wisdom, and water. They were also centers of pleasure, and when stimulated, Neanderthal brows would often tingle and pulsate.

Sadly, too many people today are unaware of the special powers hidden within their brow. In fact, under-embrowed individuals with a low Neanderthal DNA count may find it difficult to locate their brow at all!

Don’t be embarrassed if that’s you! You’re not alone!  You wouldn’t believe how many people have told me that they’re pretty certain their partner has no idea where their brow is or what to do with it should they ever find it.

brow woman

That doesn’t mean you don’t have oneyou do–and once you find it you will begin to fully experience all the wonders and pleasure your brow can provide! Finding your brow is like anything else in life, practice makes perfect!  To begin: the brow is located slightly below the top and/or start of your face, but try to remember that each person is unique and has a different head.  young attractive woman showing by index finger the wrinkles on her forehead

In general, the brow is located on the front part of your head and is covered by a long strip of hair called ‘the eyebrow’. 

brow unibrow vintage

In order to find your brow, you’ll want to move towards the top of your forehead, but stay below the hairline. The nerves of the brow are very sensitive and are located between your nose and scalp.

brow throb

Once you find the brow, you may stimulate it in many different ways — by rubbing, applying pressure, or simply by using a vibrator or dildo. Again, communication is key here because, although some people like direct touching on their brow, other people find direct touching hurts.


brow newer confusedUsing a water or silicone based lubricant may ease friction (and add fun for you and your partner), but some people still find their brow too sensitive for direct touch.  So instead, try rubbing your partner on one or both sides of their brow, or wetting your fingers and rubbing them around and around their brow. This will also remove any dirt and leave your brow looking fresh and clean!

Remember: While the brow may have many wonders, it need not be an enigma. Seek, touch, whisper, show, and you shall find!

Sheento Beesh!


brow happy



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