What to do when you’re overdosing on joy.

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December 10, 2015
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What to do when you’re overdosing on joy.

Experiencing massive amounts of joy is just one of the many benefits Paleotherapy can bring, and in this lesson I will teach you how to easily tap into this very powerful emotion. But what should you do when things go better than expected and you begin to overdose on joy!?

Here are a few tips to reduce your joy during a joy overdose:

  • Place your index finger in a stranger’s mouth and ask them to bite it. This will introduce the correct level of pain and awkwardness into your nervous system to counterbalance your joy.
  • Find an expert on Kale and ask them why it’s so healthy. (If this doesn’t work right away, ask them for recipes and more details). 
  • Get someone to push you into a cold body of water like a lake or pond. Stay in the water until your joy diminishes. This will occur around the same time you can no longer breath.

Remember: Joy is a powerful emotion that is wonderful to experience, but when you feel yourself overdosing on Joy, don’t be ashamed to ask someone for help right away.


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