What is Paleotherapy?

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What is Paleotherapy?

What is Paleotherapy?

I’m glad you asked.

Paleotherapy makes modern life better by tapping into the power and science of our ancient past, and draws together strands from anthropology, psychology, ancient Neanderthal Teachings, and 1980’s style exercise videos.

Over the course of human evolution our species simply forgot all the incredible knowledge we were born knowing hundred’s of thousands of years ago! In the same way birds are born instinctively knowing where to migrate thousands of miles away, our species came into this world knowing exactly what our purpose was.

bird migration

What we now consider the ‘Mysteries of the Universe’, weren’t mysteries at all back then. The answers to life were common knowledge. We had the innate wisdom to know exactly who we were and why we were here.

Paleotherapy is the scientific practice that helps you restore your prehistoric wisdom. From your love life to your health–ALL modern problems can be solved by simply tapping into your inner Neanderthal, and activating the long lost wisdom that already exists within your DNA.

Paleotherapy helps you recapture all your lost wisdom by using ancient methods to solve your modern problems. It also induces ancient states of awareness through your modern environment.

If you follow my lessons, I will teach you all the long lost tricks our ancient ancestors developed in order to improve their lives. Many of my exercises are based on the ground breaking work of leading Neanderthals!

That is what Paleotherapy is.                                                                                                                      Are you ready to improve your life!?    

The only thing you have to lose are all your problems!

Please watch my instructional videos…. and prepare to be amazed.

Sheento Beesh



  1. drjohn.west@yahoo.fr' sikis izle says:

    Ein guter Blog! Ich werde ein paar von diesen Lesezeichen ..

    • hbrull@me.com' NeanderBob says:

      Vielen Dank. Bitte erzählen Sie Ihren Freunden und helfen, das Wort zu verbreiten. Sheento Beesh!

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