Your backwards journey is about to begin!

The following instructional videos will improve your modern life through the power and science of your ancient past.

Have fun, and make sure to follow them safely. Please share them with your friends and especially your enemies!

They will help them become nicer people.

I will post more in the future.

Sheento Beesh!

This jaw-dropping exercise will help you gain wisdom.

How can you find LOVE? The answer will make your head spin!

This exercise does two important things: It boosts your ENERGY and takes you on a 5 billion year journey from which you may never return.

Do you want to find balance and eliminate all stress from your life?
Try this easy exercise that professional Neanderthals use to relax just before they jump from a tree.

How to Gain Super Strength!

This simple Neanderthal trick will show you how to run at super speeds, lift anything, and become absolutely fearless! The exercise will also leave you humming...