Missing Links

Some people are truly amazing and have the websites to prove it. Please explore the following links. Once you click on them, they won't be 'missing' any longer.

Kennis & Kennis are identical twin brothers who are identically brilliant. They create scientifically accurate sculptures of ancient hominids that are so realistic I actually asked one on a date.
If you want to get a very accurate idea of what your ancient ancestors looked like, please check out their website. and buy their book.

The beautiful stone tools created by industrial designers Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow are made exactly the same way Neanderthals used to make them 47,000 years ago --through high speed computers, 3D scanning, rapid prototyping, and latex dipping.
Some things never change!
If you're an aficionado of stone tools, visit their website and prepare to drool!.

This Paleo Artist is shockingly brilliant. Elisabeth Daynes creates life-like sculptures of our ancient ancestors based on forensic anthropological studies of their remains.

I’ve offered to pose nude for her on many occasions, but am still waiting for a reply. I'm also waiting for the restraining order to expire.
Neanderthals and Faery's have a lot in common--we both live in forests, can communicate with animals, and always wear open toed high heels made of gossamer wings that sparkle in the moonlight.
Or maybe that's just me.
In any case, Faery's are good people and this extremely well written New York Times article explains why.

If you know of any other missing links, please let me know, and I will try to post them here.