Buy Artifacts

The following rare Artifacts are for sale and I highly recommend that you buy them.
Each one is Museum Quality.

What qualifies an artifact to be considered Museum Quality!?

There are several factors at play.
Mainly it depends on the Museum in which you plan to display them.
Is it a good Museum? One that has both a front door AND a coat check?

Or is it a museum that has none of these things?

Whatever the case, the artifacts I am selling here are the Museum Quality artifacts for you!

This fascinating mug is nearly identical to the mugs used by our Neanderthal ancestors during the Middle Paleolithic period.

The only difference is: this mug has never been filled with monkey urine and thrown at a Hyena as part of an escape strategy.

That’s something I’m sure you will want to do all by yourself once you’ve purchase this amazing, museum quality artifact!

This design is based on a wild prehistoric dream I had in which two mammoths were flying through the air, turned into skeletons, and then gently landed on the front of my spiral notebook.

You had to be there.

All you have to do is buy my Wild Prehistoric Dream Book! Now you can literally write down your dreams inside my dream!

Don’t wait. You’ll need it first thing tomorrow morning!

How many times have you found yourself deep in the jungle gathering fruit and bark to eat, when all of a sudden your delicious treasures are stolen by Monkeys?

Whether you are a Hunter or a Gatherer, this sturdy Gathering Bag will not only help prevent Monkey theft, but let them know exactly how you feel using the strongest language possible.

Even if a Monkey were to steal this bag, they’d be too embarrassed to be seen carrying it around.