Leading Neanderthals

Paleotherapy wouldn't exist if it weren't for the ground breaking work of the following leading Neanderthals. If you know of other leading Neanderthals not mentioned here, please let me know, and I will post their stories.

Basama (the one-toothed whistler).


Despite having only one tooth in his mouth, Basama was the first Neanderthal to ever whistle. Paleodentists now believe that after he lost his tooth, he went on to discover something even greater--humming.


After following his fossilized footprints through the hillsides of Krapina for over two decades, archeologists are now certain that Kapango was the first Neanderthal to get high by walking in circles.


At a time when hunters dominated local cave drawings, Doke took matters into his own hands and created a form of art the masses could respect and understand.


While anthropologists are still undecided about Tawd's direct contributions to Paleotherapy, they all agree that he was instrumental in originating the duck-lipped stare so prevalent in todays culture. For that alone, Todd has been anointed a leading Neanderthal.