Glossary of terms


Paleotherapy uses a few words taken from the ancient Neanderthal language.
Here is a brief glossary for those not familiar with their meaning. I will add to it as the Balunga arises.

Sahoma:  A warm greeting meaning 'you are part of my tribe'. Similar to 'hello', but with a deeper connotation that implies a connection of brotherhood, sisterhood, friendship, and love.

Sheento Beesh:  A loving farewell and expression of gratitude. Sheento Beesh is said upon parting ways with someone you care deeply for. Like the english term 'goodbye', but with the added bonus of 'thank you for the time we've spent together' and 'may you not be eaten by predators'.

Shtoop:  A declaration that means 'bend over at the waist and hunch your back like a Neanderthal'. The 'shtooped' position is used by paleotherapists to channel their inner prehistoric selves, and also by actual Neanderthals whenever a Homo Erectus walks by.

Balunga:  This word has the exact same meaning as the english term 'occasion'. In fact, it might as well be the same exact word, but it's not. It's balunga.